Welcome to our new website.

As you can see we can offer a wide range of prefabricated wooden houses, metal frame houses and living containers.

Our total scope of delivery is too large to exhibit the whole range on our website.

We have made a selection for your reference.
From commercial point of view, we have decided to attach no fixed prices to our objects.

The prices ar subject to various variables.

If you are interested in one of our objects,we kindly ask you to fill out the contactform with your name, address, model number of the object and your estimated budget.

On this basis we can select an object for you which best suits your budget.

We will of course reply by email. 

Take your time and feel free to look around. 

We also have a chatbox on our website, which will be active when our advisors are available.

In the future our website will be translated into English, Spanish and French.

Enjoy looking around,


Best Regards,

CEO mr. Cancy Heyliger
email. info@sxmprefab.com